Tanzania: The Journey of a thousand Innovative Milestones (Part 1)

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Buni Hub is renowned to always take early leads in technology and innovation advancement in Tanzania standing in the threshold of the 21st century characterized by competitive innovation driven technology milestones.

On a calm Wednesday mid morning, we make a long awaited visit to the Kitunda fabrication laboratory in the outskirts of Dar es Salaam; after three tiring hours on the road, thanks to the mad Dar traffic.

On arrival, we are warmly ushered to the Kitunda  experience by EngTech Valerian Sanga, STIC technician and a colleague. Together, they precisely brief us on the formation of the Kitunda workstation before we begin the mind blowing tour.

On our first leg of the tour, we headed straight into the main STIC workstation where metallic works are done; where innovative dreams are validated. A beehive of creative metal works is evident at all angles of the workstation equipped with various work tools that build dreams to reality, equipments that build almost ‘everything’ you can think of.

As we step out of the workstation  through the rear-door, we bump into a half designed motor vehicle skeleton lying lonely in one of the busy garage, we ponder the design of the car for a while as we carry-on to the next garage where a mini pick-up truck ‘Nyati’ is her name, designed to run on a motorcycle engine is parked behind a closed brown gate. Nyati looks lonely and dusty, she hasn't been on the road since the last time she was successfully tested months ago in a unique ‘ON TEST’ number plate that still clings on her front bumper. We instantly fall in love with Nyati and wish we could ride in her later on as we return to the city but the STIC fellows won't let us ride in her citing technical maintenance repairs we might have to do before taking her back on the road.

Thirty minutes later we seem to be loving everything we see, every other creative thing we see keeps getting better as we progress with the tour; everytime we spot something wowing we are left  wondering how a bunch of fellows can be more creative and productive to come up with all the amazing things around us.


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